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December 11, 1999, review by John Diliberto

Suzanne Teng is a student of the flute, playing variations on
this instrument from around the world on her impressive solo
debut. Sensual and serene, Teng orchestrates a global
percussion landscape with Gilbert Levy, sending
improvisations across a slow dance on “Topanga Dreams,”
creating a Middle Eastern tango on “Katyia’s Dance,” and
bringing out a ritual dance on “China Lily.” On “Aduman,” Teng
is joined by African kora player Prince Diabate in a vibrant
narrative of cross-picked melodies.
Because she is often
inspired by dance, one can hear her rhythms and melodies
flowing with the form of bodies in motion. And when
exhaustion sets in, Teng envelopes the listener in a
meditative space of “Clouds Across the Darkness,” with a
multi-tracked bass flute blowing across wind chimes and a
Tibetan singing bowl. ‘Mystic Journey’ is an impressive debut
from a former member of the Angels of Venice.”